Business Etiquette – Increasing Your Professional Effectiveness

You have been there before…walking into a meeting with a room full of strangers and you don’t know what to say or where to sit! People will generally make an impression about you within the first 3 seconds of an interaction. How you interact with them and how you make them feel after having been with you will be the lasting affect. This becomes all the more critical in a competitive business environment.

This workshop is designed to increase the comfort and confidence level of business professionals who find themselves in various professional and social interactions. This session will cover the following:

  • Projecting an equal business standing
  • Creating a professional image
  • Making effective introductions
  • Office etiquette
  • Dining etiquette
  • Business entertaining
  • Travel and tipping tips

In this one-day course you will learn how to ask the kinds of questions that promote conversation learn to become far more confident in professional situations; develop effective meeting agendas, learn the do’s and don’ts in meeting situations, and learn to reduce anxiety in group settings.