7 Habits of Highly Effective People™

Everyone should take time to assess how successful they are and how much more effective they could be. We all could come up with lists of things that hold us back.

For example, Franklin/Covey’s research found these barriers to success in the workplace:

  • Individuals – and sometimes entire departments – don’t communicate
  • There is a lack of trust between management and employees
  • Inefficient systems discourage productive work
  • In times of dramatic change, people often get confused and distracted
  • Crises force fast decisions that are often reactive, not proactive

You could make another list of equally challenging problems to be solved at home. Over time, any one of these can be devastating to your success and career. What if you could gain powerful ammunition against these and other “silent forces” holding you back? Re-create a healthy work environment? Improve your own effectiveness?

Let us introduce you to an extraordinary approach to achieving all of these goals. The 7 Habits Process Promises Nothing Short Of Life-Changing Results. Over the course of three days, you’ll build a comprehensive foundation for success at all levels of leadership – personal, interpersonal, managerial, and organizational.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop stronger, more satisfying relationships based on trust.
  • Communicate more effectively with others in ways that help you accomplish more while making a positive impact on all your interactions.
  • Become a more influential leader so you can choose the most effective ways to improve productivity and help your employees stay focused on  the issues most important to success.
  • Confront a crisis before it creates chaos.
  • Be more prepared to deal with difficult times and circumstances than ever before.
  • Based on the best-selling business book of all time, this in-depth, 3-day workshop shows you how to apply Stephen R. Covey’s powerful advice in your job, your relationships, and your life in general. Your Company Will Gain Clear-Cut, Bottom-Line Results, Too.
  • Develop new and future leaders with character and competence
  • Improve overall workforce productivity
  • Reduce workforce turnover, especially among high-potential employees
  • Improve working relationships across functions, teams, and departments